Leela Cotton is a family-run company founded by Susanne and Kemal Bektaş, two life-long environmentalists and partners. The story goes back to the early 90s, their search for organic, free of harmful chemicals, gentle-to-skin and safe-to-wear clothes for their firstborn. This search has led them to Izmir in Western Turkiye, which has one of the finest organic cotton worldwide, Aegean cotton.


Leela Cotton has focused on sourcing sustainably from trusted factories to provide thoughtfully designed organic clothes to be safe for the kids and the environment. Since the first day the brand was founded in 1994, Leela Cotton has constantly searched for new material alternatives, design and production techniques for a more livable world.


The mission of Leela Cotton is to produce environmentally friendly, fairly manufactured, and sustainable products that are simultaneously comfortable and gentle on our sensitive skin. To achieve this goal, we have developed 8 criteria that apply to the entire production chain, from raw materials to the finished end product.